Every business has understood the importance of digital media as a marketing & sales channel and are eager to increase the investments. The reality though is that businesses are yet to understand the best way to embrace digital marketing, to address issues including but not limited to People Skills, Process Hurdles, Right Investment Strategy, Correct monitoring metrics, Current digital assets, etc. In other words, business skip the most important step of understanding where they stand in digital marketing, and go ahead with large investment, which may or may not yield any results.

Our service of digital transformation in marketing is helping you to understand your current ranking in digital marketing & then create guidelines & structure for your growth or increased investments.


Our Process

With a series of interviews & observations with various stakeholders, including the CXOs, and further supporting the exercise with data analysis of your current digital marketing assets & investments, we are able to rate the business’ digital media readiness across the following 7 heads of;

  1. Strategic Approach: Is the strategy & the various activities chosen for digital marketing in line with the business objectives defined by the CEO/CFO & the marketing objective defined by the CMO?
  2. Management Buy In: Is the management behind the digital team with committed spends or is digital spends the first one to be cut during crisis.
  3. Resourcing & Structuring: What is the capabilities of the current team, what is the way of working, insource vs outsource vs combination.
  4. Performance Improvement Process: What stage of performance review is the business at? Are they tracking customer life cycle value or clicks & costs?
  5. Data & infrastructure: What are the tech stack used, how secure is the data and the processes?
  6. Connected Consumer Communication: Is the business able to communicate with each of the consumer is a customised manner?
  7. Connected Consumer Experience: iS the business able to provide each of the consumer a seamless experience across all possible digital media touch points?


What can the brand expect from Digital Transformation?

The business, will be able to understand the current standing of the business across each of the heads and will help with:

  1. Prioritising the investment areas
  2. Create measurable growth metrics
  3. Understand possibilities & limitations of technology
  4. Understand the team’s capability & growth plans
  5. Create a consumer first approach