Comio Mobile reached out to us to give recommendation on their launch plan which was prepared by their digital media agency.

The start

Comio Mobile was to be launched in the month of September and before the launch of the brand in India. We were provided with the media plan along with the objectives & the KPI. We were also provided the TG definition for the campaign, to understand the plan better

The works

We start the project by understanding the consumer better. We gathered insights about the consumers from various platforms like Facebook, Google, Third Party Reports and created a pen profile of the consumers. Keeping this in mind, we identified the passion points that would create relevancy for the brand, leading to a well thought out Media Principles, which would then become the corner stone for all media planning. Once the media principles was finalized, we compared the plan with the media principles to identify the planning inefficiencies. Once the planning efficiency was documented, we moved into buying audit, which further brought out the various loopholes in the plan.

Learnings & Recommendations

Our recommendations to the brand was primarily aimed at increasing the reach or awareness for the brand in key markets during the launch phase rather than increase the number of partners. This was achieved by concentrating on fewer publishers that would drive reach. Looking at the publishers, we also identified few publishers that did not fit the bill when compared to media principles & we removed those. While comparing the buying rates, we saw a lot of discrepancy on the ideal rate and the rate that was being quoted, incl self serve platforms. We gave the brand a ready reckoner on what the ideal rates should be across publisher and this led to further improvement in the plan.

Our recommendations helped the brand relook at the existing plan, make it more robust & save 25% of the cost by better planning & buying.