In Feb 2017, Landmark Group faced an interesting challenge and called us to help them out. Ginger, an inhouse brand from the group, had never done any marketing communication and was working on a communication strategy. For this, they had to understand their consumer better and this responsibility was given to us.

The start

We used first party data to understand the consumers better, to create a robust communication strategy.

The works

Using our partnership with Simply360, we ran an analysis on the first party data. We were able to identify Ginger girl, and further understand her activities on social media channels like content consumption, frequency of usage, reasons to use social platform, affinity towards celebrities & influencers, causes and the likes. Using this as the base, we created a detailed consumer profile, including the media universe, channel preferences of the consumers.

Learnings & Recommendations

We submitted our learnings of the consumer profile with the following recommendations

  1. Content type
  2. Content format
  3. Social Media Usage
  4. Channel wise recommendation
The upcoming campaign of Ginger would now be created basis our valuable inputs.