Post the association for Tata Tea TeaVeda, we were called back by TGBL for the monitoring and audit for Jaagore Campaign.

The start

Tata Tea was working with three agency partners for the paid, owned & earned assets. We developed a script that could detect bots on the website. This was a rule based detection.

The works

The script that we developed was deployed on the website of Jaagore. The script captured various actions on the website like Screen Size, Mouse Movement, Touch on Mobile Screen, Time Spent, Frequency of hits from same IP, etc which could differentiate between humans & bots. The script captured the data over a period of 6 weeks, incl the source of the visit. We analysed lakhs of visits on the website & our report was submitted to the brand.

Learnings & Recommendations

It is estimated that 48% of all website visits globally are non-humans. Our analysis revealed that the campaign had an overwhelming number of bot traffic as against human traffic. We identified the number of bots & the sources from the 10 different publishers that were used for the campaign.

In the report that was submitted, we identified two publishers that sent 80% of the traffic which wasn’t genuine.