Post the association for Tata Tea TeaVeda, we were called back by TGBL for the monitoring and audit for Jaagore Campaign.

The start

Tata Tea was working with three agency partners for the paid, owned & earned assets. The fragmentation of the campaign was visible from the start. The challenges that this fragmentation led to incl delays decision making.

The works

We integrated all the data points of digital media using our tool IRA. We sourced information from 9 different data sources, which was being managed by 3 agency partners. This included the Google Search Trends, Google Analytics, Radian6, Facebook Insights, Media Reports, Content Report, etc. This holistic dashboard helped the brand understand the correlation between Paid Owned & Earned media & take corrective steps during the campaign period.

Learnings & Recommendations

It was during the usage of IRA that the brand realised the shortfalls in the website. It was aided by the fact that for the first time they saw the campaign in its entirety rather than in silos. The website was under-performing and not able to engage with the consumers.

We deployed our audit services & gave recommendation on changes on the website leading to a potential improvement of 40% across key parameters like time spent, pages visited etc.