Post the association for Tata Tea TeaVeda, we were called back by TGBL for the monitoring and audit for Jaagore Campaign.

The start

Tata Tea Jaagore was running the campaign, designed by three agencies. The website was developed & deployed by the digital creative agency whereas the media that drove traffic to the said website was managed by someone else. In such a scenario, the data across these two mediums weren’t shared with each other. As IRA was tracking the website & the media, we clearly saw that the website was underperforming & we audited the entire website.

The works

We started by identifying the objective on the website and how that dove tailed into the entire campaign. Once it was established that the objective of the website was to increase engagement like content read, social shares, social conversation, we started defining the user journey on the website. While defining the possible Information Architecture & User Journey on the website, we identified the following issues;

  1. No clear call to action to the consumers
  2. Under Utilisation of the real estate
  3. Broken user journey across various pages
  4. Non compliance with SEO guidelines
  5. Incorrect usage of social logins & shares
  6. Web 1.0 usage of transitions & icons

We gave our recommendations to be implemented on the websites.

Learnings & Recommendations

Once the recommendations were implemented, there was a marked difference in website parameters like time spent, load time & pages visited. The improvement was over 30% compared to before the audit.