In Dec 2016, Tata TeaVeda gave us the responsibility to monitor the media campaign they had launched to promote the product TeaVeda. This was the first campaign undertaken by the brand.

The start

We started the project by taking the brief that was given to the media agency. We questioned the brief that was set by the client, including the KPIs that were set to measure the success of the campaign. Once all the relevant information was given to us by the client, we created a media journey of the target consumers using tools like Facebook Audience Insights, Similar Web, Google Consumer Barometer. This exercise helped us in arriving at the following

  1. Consumer profile
  2. Media principles for the campaign
  3. Media universe that was available for the campaign

The works

Once the campaign went live, we started our monitoring activity for the brand. We started the activity by auditing the website from a UI/UX as well as technology stand point of you and gave our recommendations to improve key parameters like time spent, bounce rate, etc. On the media front, we monitored the scheduling as well as the reporting of the campaign. We gave our recommendations on the KPIs that needs to be monitored to the media agency, set the correct reporting format so as to take faster decisions and compared to the website visits with the target group that was given for the campaign.

Learnings & Recommendations

The campaign executed was below expectation. With the analysis done across both the website & on media, we showcased the inefficiency in the campaign & quantified the same at 22% of the budget, which could have been saved.

Our learnings on reporting format, website recommendations, scheduling have been set as the baseline for all future campaigns by the brand, including a media checklist that we have created for the brand.