Titan watches approached us to help them in understanding the efficiency of the media campaign for the launch of Squadron range of watches

The start

In the month of May, Titan Watches approached us to understand the efficiency of the media campaign that was launched across multiple media platforms to drive awareness for the new range of Octane watches called Squadron. The planning & buying of the media was closed, and we were given the final plan that was going to be implemented, for the campaign duration of one month.

The works

The first step in our process was to look at the plan objectively, keeping in mind the objective that was stated, we defined the Growth TG universe and the media principles. We relooked at the media plan and compared it with the media principles and gave recommendations on certain media partners as well as the scheduling plan. To ensure that the monitoring was a seamless experience, we implemented IRA which started the correlating the data of the paid media and the owned media. In other words, we were able to monitor real time for risks, efficiency of platforms, comparing the output against benchmarked data across time spent & bounce rate, and thus providing a one of a kind efficiency monitoring on the campaign.

Learnings & Recommendations

Our intervention helped the brand to understand the improvement opportunity in efficiency in the following areas

  1. Operational efficiency improvement by over 30%. All the reporting and insighting was
    automated, thus the time spent on collating reports was removed. This also helped in
    monitoring the campaign on real time basis and avoid the dependency on the weekly
    report from the agency
  2. Improved media efficiency was achieved. We were able to showcase the discrepancy in
    the media used, thus helped the brand in reinvesting the money in more efficiency
Our intervention with TITAN Watches helped the brand identify the potential to save 30% of the investment.