Digital Media is a highly fragmented today. Unlike traditional platforms like TV, Print, Outdoor where the tracking or monitoring is linear, limited or non-existential but for the impact on business, the digital ecosystem is lot more complex and diverse. There are multiple platforms, multiple publishers, multitude of responses, multiple touch points, a multitude of tech stack and so on. For the business to truly understand the impact of digital media on business, one much look at all the data together rather than in silos.

IRA, our integration tool provides a single dashboard for everything that you do on digital platforms, to provide a more robust monitoring suite. IRA integrates historical data & current campaign data under Data Analysis, and juxtapositions it against Ad Fraud & Audience data to provide meaningful information for the business to optimise the spends.

IRA also has the capability to automate the report, which hitherto has be been manual, and save on operational expenses. We guarantee an improvement of over 15% on the current spends once all the data points are integrated for the business.


What is the process?

The integration works at three levels of data, namely

  1. Data Democratisation: Across all the platforms, data is pulled into a central hub token API access. This data is stored on a real time basis & analysis is done every 24 hours at the backend.
  2. Data Intelligence: Using Machine Learning as well as other advanced algorithms, IRA is able to compare the current campaign data with industry benchmarks, past data, audience data & ad fraud data available and provide with actionable insights for business. IRA, can create alerts for the business on a real time basis, depending on certain targets/KPIs are met or not, thus bringing in operational efficiency.
  3. Data Collaboration: With the alerts being sent to all the stakeholders, the collaboration between internal teams, internal & external teams become easy.


What can the brand expect from Integration?

Integration helps the business in many ways. The key areas where it can improve the efficiency are;

  1. Operational Issue
  2. Faster Optimisations
  3. Holistic view of marketing
  4. Media Saving by creating accountability